Why Choose Us – What makes us different

Endless Mountains Extended Care provides a unique program to the Northeast Region. We focus on multiple pathways to recovery along with re-integration into the community and teach patients how to address and understand their mental health needs. We focus on patients’ positive attributes and view them as competent human beings that deserve a choice in their treatment. We use an empathetic, trauma-informed approach to care rather than a confrontational approach used by many existing facilities.

Traditional 12-step oriented treatment centers that focus on a confrontational approach to treatment are correlated with poor outcomes and recidivism. Contrarily, an empathic Rogerian approach to treatment is associated with significantly more positive treatment outcomes. Recovery can’t be forced, and patients must actively participate in their treatment. Patients need to be considered competent, capable people to success outside of the treatment setting. Confrontation causes resistance, which then propagates denial.

Patients don’t need to know how much you know, but rather, they need to know how much you care. Instead of viewing patients as deficient and incapable of self-direction, we focus on their positive qualities and allow them to work together with us as a collaborative partnership. We do this by providing multiple treatment pathways. Patients experience 12 steps in conjunction with SMART and Celebrate Recovery to have a comfortable recovery plan tailored uniquely to their needs. This helps patients buy into recovery more readily and continue their pathway after discharge.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; it is human connection.”

We couldn’t agree more. Therefore, Endless Mountains Extended Care focuses on volunteering, community involvement, team building, and adventure therapy. All volunteer activities are monitored by staff, but patients can interact positively as sober people in the community. Patients describe this as fulfilling and good practice for the future when they are on their own.

Full Mental Health Services

Over 80% of people suffering from substance use disorders have one or more co-occurring mental health conditions. At Endless Mountains Extended Care we believe that addressing mental health issues is critical to long-term recovery. The association between untreated trauma and adverse outcomes is well established through clinical research findings and statistics. These devastating outcomes range in various self-destructive behaviors and mental disorders.

By focusing on mental health, multiple pathways to recovery, and re-integration into the community, we provide a truly unique program. We teach our clients to understand and address their mental health needs while encouraging positive attributes.

Each counselor at Endless Mountains Extended Care is qualified to provide a variety of trauma-focused cognitive therapies. In addition to individual counseling and group sessions focused on mental health, we work closely with our medical professionals to help our clients address these disorders in an effective, sustainable way. Our clinical staff work with psychiatry providers, participating in weekly medication reviews and evaluating/diagnosing patients to be properly medicated and treated.

Our counselors provide and/or participate in alternative therapies. Some of the unique therapies offered here in individual and group therapy are EMDR, Regression Hypnosis, Wim Hoff Breath Work, Chakra Education and Balancing, Evidence-Based Mindful Meditation, Reiki, and Art Therapy.

There’s Hope. There’s Help.

We are committed to providing effective, compassionate rehab programs at our facility. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, help is available. Contact us today.