Case Management Services

Currently, we provide many Case Management Services for our patients to prepare for their treatment discharge and their life after discharge.


with court appointments and paperwork

Often times patients on probation or state parole may have fines and active warrants, creating a barrier to treatment. At Endless Mountains Extended Care, we assist patients and work very closely with various programs such as these. This is an important and unique service to ensure our patients do not slip through the cracks or go back to prison for violations while actively trying to improve and change their lives. In addition, our patients have opportunity to meet Community Service obligations while in our care through the volunteerism portion of treatment.


Placement planning for discharge from our program

Clinical staff at Endless Mountains Extended Care may assist patients in securing housing grants and assistance through various programs, assisting our patients with discharging to sober living with as many resources as possible, and sourcing donations of clothing, furniture, and other household items for clients.


in preparation for discharge

Staff at Endless Mountains Extended Care aid patients in finding employment by helping to fill out job applications, securing funding or paying for patients to obtain proper identification and documentation necessary for employment, and securing transportation to and from work via grant programs.


Staff at Endless Mountains Extended Care provides patients with local AA and group meeting schedules, and a network of sober support so that they do not feel alone after discharge. We check in with patients regularly after discharge, assist them by reminding them of upcoming appointments scheduled, and assist with temporary sponsors so they have someone to call immediately after they leave treatment.

There’s Hope. There’s Help.

We are committed to providing effective, compassionate rehab programs at our facility. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, help is available. Contact us today.